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NanoBio’s Management Team

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David Peralta

Chief Executive Officer

Dave Peralta has served as Chief Executive Officer of NanoBio Corporation since 2013. He joined NanoBio in February 2006, and served as the company’s Chief Operating and Financial Officer from 2006 through 2012. Dave was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2013 and has directed the company’s strategic shift towards use of its nanotechnology platform for the development of intranasal vaccines for respiratory and sexually transmitted diseases. He is directly responsible for the company’s business development, fundraising and finance-related activities, in addition to managing the company’s overall operations. Prior to joining NanoBio, Dave served as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Arbortext, Inc., a venture-backed enterprise software company, up through the company’s acquisition in 2005. Before joining Arbortext, Dave served for six years as the Chief Financial Officer of Mechanical Dynamics, a publicly-held software company. He directed all finance and investor relations activities at Mechanical Dynamics during the company’s initial public offering and up through the sale of the company in 2002. Dave earned a BBA, with distinction, from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. He currently resides in Northville, Michigan, with his wife Rose and their four children.

Ali I. Fattom, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President Vaccine Research and Development

Dr. Fattom joined NanoBio Corporation in November 2010 with 25 years of experience in vaccine research and development. He initiated his career as a vaccinologist at the National Institutes of Health, where he helped develop several vaccines including Pneumococcus conjugate vaccine, and headed the effort for developing a S. aureus vaccine. He later joined Univax Biologics to pursue the development of conjugate vaccines against bacterial infections including Staphylococci. Following the merger between Univax and North American Biologics to form Nabi Biopharmaceuticals, Dr. Fattom assumed responsibility for other research activities and served as Vice President of Research from 2003 to 2010. He earned a B.S. from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a M.S. in microbiology from Tel-Aviv University, and a Ph.D. in Microbial Ecology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. From 1983-1986 he held an assistant professorship at Bir-Zeit University, West Bank. Dr. Fattom is author of over 50 peer-reviewed publications, and holds more than 10 patents.

Vira Bitko, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Vaccine Research

Dr. Bitko has over 20 years of experience in virology, biochemistry, and molecular biology, including development of non-adjuvanted and adjuvanted viral vaccines and anti-virals. She joined NanoBio Corporation in July 2011 after having served as a Principal Virologist at Meridian Life Science, where she was involved in development of viral vaccines, recombinant protein biotherapeutic production, and analytical test method development and validation. Dr. Bitko gained extensive experience in molecular virology and innate immune responses to viral infections as a faculty member at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of South Alabama, where she studied Respiratory Syncytial Virus, metapneumovirus, and Human Parainfluenza Virus, and developed an advanced RNA interference method for the treatment of RSV infection. Dr. Bitko holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in biochemistry.

Susan Ciotti, Ph.D.

Director of Formulations

Dr. Ciotti directs the development of novel nanoemulsion systems for the treatment of various dermatological conditions and vaccines for intranasal and intramuscular administration. She is also responsible for developing novel formulations to support the nanoemulsion platform, process optimization, and scale-up activities for those formulations. Before joining NanoBio Corporation, she was an Associate Research Fellow at Pfizer Global R&D in Ann Arbor. She led all the formulation efforts for the Dermatology programs. Prior to joining Pfizer, she was a Principal Scientist in the Topical Formulations & Drug Delivery Technology Resource Center at Johnson & Johnson. Dr. Ciotti is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She lectures on Advanced Drug Delivery Systems and Nanotechnology. She is also a reviewer for several journals, served as an invited speaker at several international conferences, and has been a guest speaker at the FDA in the field of novel drug delivery technologies and nanotechnology.

Douglas M. Smith, Ph.D.

Director of Immunology

Dr. Smith joined NanoBio Corporation in November 2013 with over 20 years of experience in immunology, including cellular and antibody-based immunotherapies and vaccines against cancer and infectious diseases. He received a B.Sc. degree in microbiology and immunology from McGill University and a Ph.D. in immunology from the University of Chicago. As Principal Scientist and Immunology Program Leader at Aastrom Biosciences, Inc., he established and directed programs for clinical-scale production of dendritic cell vaccines, T-lymphocyte-based adoptive immunotherapies, and immunologic characterization of an adult stem cell product for human tissue repair. Dr. Smith gained extensive experience in the development, characterization, and evaluation of nanoemulsions as novel adjuvants for induction of mucosal and systemic immunity as a faculty member of the Michigan Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences (2008-2013) at the University of Michigan. He is currently responsible for development of NanoVax-PanFlu, a nanoemulsion-adjuvanted vaccine against H5N1 pandemic influenza, and other mucosal vaccines to prevent respiratory or sexually-transmitted diseases such as herpes simplex virus and HIV/AIDS.

Stephen (Steve) Gracon, DVM

Regulatory Consultant

Steve Gracon served as NanoBio Corporation’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs from 2008 through July 2015, and now serves as a consultant to the company. He has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including roles at Parke-Davis, Pfizer, Amgen, and Baxter. Steve brings a diversity to NanoBio, having previously spent eight years in preclinical pathology and experimental toxicology, and more than a decade in clinical research, during which he lead the development of the tacrine (Cognex), the first drug approved for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. He then moved to regulatory affairs, gaining both U.S. and international regulatory experience.