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NanoBio’s Strategic Alliances

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National Institutes of Health

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In October 2009, the University of Michigan and NanoBio Corporation received a contract award of $10 million for vaccine research from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a division of the NIH. NanoBio and the University are collaborating over a five-year period to develop NE-based mucosal vaccine adjuvants for a wide variety of antigens.

In July 2013, NanoBio entered into an agreement with the Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (DMID), a division of NIAID. Under the agreement, DMID has agreed to fund certain studies in support of developing several NE adjuvanted vaccines, including an intramuscular vaccine for RSV, intranasal and intramuscular vaccines for HSV-2 and an intranasal vaccine for pertussis.

In October 2013, NanoBio was awarded a contract from NIAID to develop a NE adjuvant for use with a pandemic influenza vaccine. The total contract is valued at approximately $10.5 million if all options are exercised, and will cover a five-year research period. In the contract, $500,000 is set aside for animal studies in support of a NE adjuvanted vaccine for HIV.

Public Health England

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In November 2012, NanoBio Corporation entered into a partnership with Public Health England (PHE) to develop an intranasal anthrax vaccine under a contract award from NIAID. The contract will fund up to $24 million of preclinical and clinical research towards developing the next generation of anthrax vaccines. The vaccine will combine NanoBio’s NE adjuvant with PHE’s rPA anthrax antigen. NanoBio is responsible for NE adjuvant supply, final vaccine formulation, and P1 clinical testing. The contract is expected to cover a five-year research period.